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We are a team of experienced pest control professionals serving the Greater Toronto Area for the last 12 years. We always follow standard integrated pest management protocols and use effective and environmentally safe products in order to maintain a pest-free environment. If it bugs you it bugs us and we are here to serve you and it is our promise to deliver quality service and your peace of mind.

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SOS Pest Control pest control

Pest Control

Ants, bedbugs, roaches, mice, beetles, flies, hornets, silverfish, ticks weevil, moths, wasps, all crawling and storage insects, mosquitoes and termite

SOS Pest Control Wildlife control

Wildlife Control

Humanly entrapment and removal of raccoon, skunk, squirrel, opossum, chipmunk, bats and birds.

SOS Pest Control Bio Disinfestation


ULV fogging kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. Great for new homes, move-in/out apartments, offices, gyms, daycare, schools, restaurants,  healthcare facilities, retail, and warehouses

SOS Pest Control insects fogging

Fogging Treatment

A fogger can only really work when there are already some mosquitoes flying around. It works by killing those directly in its way and then further resorts to being a repellant.

Monthly Protection Plan for Home

Monthly Protection Plan for


*Starting from $30 per month

SOS pest control Monthly Protection Plan for Home and Offices
SOS Pest Control Seniors Discount
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